Index career and education advisory services is a group of dedicated, trained and skilled counselors working together to assist you in extracting your passion and guiding you through to the best possible education routes and connecting its students with the top notch educational institutes around the globe.

United kingdom is a developed and highly advanced country comprising of some of the worlds top universities. However due to the luxurious living standards accommodation in UK is extremely expensive, moreover tuition fees are also quite high as compared to other countries.

While all this is correct in its own place one cannot overlook the standard of education provided by an English university and the world wide recognition it would receive. Index has successfully placed many of its students at prestigious universities all over the United Kingdom.

In the UK, multiple programs are available with industrial placements for one year, these develop your working skills and are of immense importance once you come as a fresh graduate in the market.

After all the guidance and help from our foreign education consultants it is upon the candidate to decide which university they choose and index will try their best to make their dream come true.

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