Mostly there are merit based partial scholarships available in Public Universities around the globe for deserving international students, our professional Counselors can identify these scholarships and assist you in making scholarship applications up to the mark within the deadlines to make it successful.


University NameCourse nameTuition FeeScholarshipDiscounted Tuition Fee
Florida International UniversityGFY (2 semesters)$ 21,900.00$7,000 for accelerator/1st year only$14,900.00
GFY (3 semesters)$ 25,900.00$7,000 for accelerator/1st year only$18,900.00
University Of Central FloridaGAA2-UI (2 Semesters)$ 22,500.00$7,000 for accelerator/1st year only$15,500.00
GAA2 (2 Semesters)$ 23,500.00$7,000 for accelerator/1st year only$16,500.00
GAA3 (3 Semesters)$ 27,500.00$7,000 for accelerator/1st year only$20,500.00
University Of Illinois ChicagoIAP (2 Semesters)$30,000.00upto $8,000 for each year of degree$22,000.00
AAP (2 Semesters)$31,500.00upto $8,000 for each year of degree$23,500.00
EAP (3 Semesters)$36,500.00upto $8,000 for each year of degree$28,500.00
University Of PacificIAP (2 Semesters)$47,330.00upto $15,000 for each year of degree$32,330.00
AAP (2 Semesters)$49,164.00upto $15,000 for each year of degree$34,164.00
EAP (3 Semesters)$52,808.00upto $15,000 for each year of degree$37,808.00
University Of KansasIAP (2 Semesters)$23,056.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only$37,808.00
AAP (2 Semesters)$25,623.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year
EAP (3 Semesters)$37,346.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only$15,623.00
Auburn UniversityIAP (2 Semesters)$31,100.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year
AAP (2 Semesters)$32,400.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year
EAP (3 Semesters)$37,400.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only$22,400.00
Adelphi UniversityIAP (2 Semesters)$38,656.00upto $16,000 for each year of degree
upto $16,000 for each year of degree
upto $16,000 for each year of degree
AAP (2 Semesters)$39,405.00$22,656.00
EAP (3 Semesters)$44,709.00$23,405.00
University Of
South Carolina
IAP (2 Semesters)$33,880.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only$28,709.00
AAP (2 Semesters)$34,880.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year
EAP (3 Semesters)$38,750.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only$24,880.00
Auburn University Montgomery CampusUndergraduate programs (2 Semesters)$18,655.00upto $3,000 for each year of degree$15,655.00
Louisiana State UniversityIAP (2 Semesters)$22,250.00$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only
$10,000 for accelerator/1st year only
$10,000 for acclerator/1st yer only
AAP (2 Semesters)$28,500.00$18,500.00
EAP (3 Semesters)$34,300.00$24,300.00
American UniversityAAP (2 Semesters)$ 47,165.00$15,000 for accelerator/1st year only
$15,000 for accelerator/1st year only
EAP (3 Semesters)$ 53,765.00$38,765.00
American Access First Year (2 Semesters)$48,308.00$20,000$28,308
American Access
American Access Extended First Year
(3 Semesters)
$ 53,765.00$20,000$33,765
Adelphi University MAP ProgramsManhattan CampusGarden City CampusMAP ProgramsScholarship TypeScholarship Amount
Year 1$ 5,000.00$ 4,000.00Auburn University, University of Kansas, University of South Carolina & American UniversityOnly for MAP. Does not continue in Year 2$ 4,000.00
Year 2 Total 5,000.00  10,000.00$ 4,000.00
$  8,000.00
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